Attention Microsoft Edge users: If you installed Sauce from the Microsoft Add-on store I recommend uninstalling and using the Chrome Web Store instead. Microsoft takes an extremely long time to review my updates and I don't publish to their store as often.
Sauce for Strava™ is a browser extension

Sauce supports Chrome, Firefox (mobile too), Edge and now Safari!

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Everything is better with sauce.

Sauce for Strava is rated at 1.21 gigascovilles.

Find peak power in your rides and runs

In addition to power, there is Normalized Power®, xPower, Pace (including GAP), Heart Rate, Cadence and VAM. If the athlete weight is known a running power estimation is available too!

In depth details for peak efforts.

Everyone loves the badges BTW.

Access to key performance metrics in the Analysis page.

The analysis page is an awesome tool by itself. Sauce builds on this page by adding unique data fields and giving you access to the raw data values. For running and swimming activities this page is un-hidden so you can do in-depth analysis regardless of the activity type.

Live Segment Tool

I had to write a binary "FIT" generator in JavaScript for this.

Create live segment files for Garmin devices.

If you own a Garmin device that supports live segments you can now create your own files based on ANY activity and ANY athlete. So if you want to try and beat a friends time from a year ago you can go to that activity and create a live segment for that specific effort. You can even speed up or slow down the effort if you want to try and give yourself a new goal.

And just one more thing.. It works for downhill segments. #micdrop #ripsteve

Full physics analysis of cycling efforts with Perf Predictor.

This is my favorite tool in the kit. You can analyize any segment or section of an activity and study what power and weight requirements were used to achieve a particular speed. It works for time trials, hill climbs, and even downhills. I use this tool to estimate how many watts I'm going to need to increase or how many kilograms I'm going to have to drop to meet my goals.

Options for activities and the dashboard.

Most settings are optional so you can turn on and off whatever you'd like.

Display and submit comments in the activity page.

Most people that install Sauce don't even realize the inline comments weren't done by Strava. It's otherwise wasted space in the page so why not put it there!?

Dark mode is so in right now.

This is probably the coolest new feature in my opinion. I'm not a huge fan of dark theme's but this one turned out fantastic. More themes are coming too..

Export to TCX, GPX or FIT.

Sauce adds TCX, GPX and FIT exporting to any activity, not just your own.

Extra overview stats and settable FTP and weight.

FTP and weight are both visible and settable. This can be really handy when you know the athlete provided the wrong weight or it's simply not available from Strava. A really handy feature for getting accurate Watts/kg and TSS®.

We have real users! Honest! Some are even legit Pros!

Last count was more than this many 👐.

Strava Club is open to all

Sauce was created by me, Justin.


Watching the Tour de France in 2019


It's important to me that people know Sauce was created by a real person. I started this project for fun in 2015 to add some missing features to strava and to fix a few annoying issues like low-contrast text. This was really just a tool for myself but I thought maybe others would like it too, so I published it in the Chrome Web Store without much further thought.

The main feature at the time was the Critical Power table inspired by the great TrainingPeaks WKO software. For quite a while that was really the only feature worth noting but I kept making tweaks and adding things here and there in my free time, eventually adding run support and now swim support. The critical power table became the selectable "Peak" tables which lets you find all sorts of peak performance metrics such as heart rate, VAM (climbing speed), cadence, pace, etc. I got some great feedback from users and eventually Sauce started to really take shape.

I like to say Sauce is "social." At the heart of all these features is the idea that you should be able to use them for any public activity, not just your own. This makes it a great tool for seeing what the best in the world are capable of and for comparing your efforts to your friends and frenemies. While some other 3rd party tools focus on the training and planning aspects of strava, Sauce is aimed at providing ubiquitous access to all activities. It's the Eric Raymond of strava extensions, if you'll permit the very nerdy reference.

Active users have increased over the years. For quite a while there were just a few hundred users, but usage has grown to over 40,000 and counting. Reviews have been pretty great and I've enjoyed working on this project more in recent times.

So if you think you might like a Sauced up strava experience, give it a try. If you'd like to help me work on this project more, please consider becoming a patron, which gives you access to bonus content and better support.


Gimme the cash!?

People like Jen Belt make this sustainable.

This is fair-use, right?

Your generous support means I can continue to work on Sauce and avoid getting a real job.

Need help?

Keep calm and don't forget your towel.

If you have an issue the best way to get it on the task list is to submit an issue in GitHub. I do ask that you search for existing issues that may already address your concern before submitting a new one though.

If you want to send me a suggestion or just chat about life, the universe, everything, then send an email to

If you want to play with the source code, take a trip to the sauce4strava GitHub project.